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Tesco Home Insurance;
ASDA home insurance has a panel of insurers so you donít have to go around the all the house insurance companies searching for quotes and it only takes a few moments to get the best deal for you from their panel of insurers. Independent research has shown that nearly all asda house insurance customers get a lower quote on their buildings and contents insurance.

With asda home insurance you get;

New for old cover, brand new replacements if your original goods can't be repaired.
Claims dealt with quickly, 1 call is normally all it takes even at 3 a.m.
Damage repaired and your items replaced with the minimum of fuss and interruption.
A friendly and helpful service.
Different ways of paying for cover available

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asda house insurance

UK home insurance companies listed on include: Asda | Barclays | Co-op | Churchill | Direct Line | Halifax | More Than | Nationwide | Norwich Union | Privilege | Prudential | Tesco | Zurich