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Norwich Union Home Insurance;
Get a home insurance quote from the home of house insurance, Norwich Union, and see if they can make you happy, apply now and get up to 20% online discoun and i you have five years of no claims you can get 30% off when you buy buildings & contents insurance.

As one of the UK's leading insurers, you can feel safe in the knowledge that you are placing your trust in expert hands, norwich union's comprehensive insurance cover means you donít have to worry as everything will be taken care of for you.

If you misplace your keys norwich union home insurance will pay for all your locks to be replaced up to the value of £500, under their contents cover, damage to mirrors & glass is covered as standard and if you need temporary accommodation as a result of a claim they will cover the cost of accommodating you and your pets. Norwich union house insurance buildings policy covers you for a wide range of incidents such as damage caused by flood, storm, theft, lightning, fire & subsidence also damage to services and property owners liability cover.

Norwich union's contents insurance covers the contents of your home against damage or loss of the possessions in your house, insurance cover is also provided for garden contents, personal money, and even the food in your freezer, norwich union will replace goods on a new for old basis and cover accidental damage on entertainment equipment including your TV, video & computer as standard.

You choose the cover that suits you from norwich union's great options; extra accidental damage cover, include it on your contents policy and you are covered when you spill wine on your carpet, add it to your buildings insurance and you will be covered if you put your feet through the attic floor into your ceiling.

Personal belongings cover, covers possessions such as clothes, credit cards and cash whilst you are away from home in the UK or abroad.

Legal services cover you and your familys legal costs for a wide range of situations including consumer rights, neighbour disputes or personal injury including medical negligence, you also get a legal helpline which gives you access to advice from experts at no extra cost.

Yo can add garden covert to your norwich union policy and increase the limit to cover your garden contents, including garden furniture by taking home emergency cover, if you were to wake up to no heating or hot water norwich union house insurance would ensure that a qualified tradesman comes to your house to carry out the emergency repairs.

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norwich union house insurance

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